Naming the International Space Station

Philip Chien (
Sun, 20 Dec 1998 20:35:50 -0500 said:

>Even before the frist element of the ISS was launched there has been some
>discussion on naming the ISS to something less dry and impersonal than the
>My 2 cents: How about "Space Station Zulu"?   The "Zulu" part is derived from
>"Zarya" and "Unity"      It's fairly cool sounding (at least in English) and
>carries no particular politcal agenda.  Also (and no less important) "SSZ"
>makes for a terrible acronym name.

The problem is finding a name which is politically acceptable in each
language and culuture of all of the countries involved in the International
Space Station.

Japan names their spacecraft after flower, for example EGP  Ajisai 1986 61A
is one of the more popular 'twinkling' spacecraft (OBJ Seesat comment).

I do find the "name the space station" contests rather amusing though.

I suspect that nobody's ever going to come up with a name which is
acceptable to everybody and bring it up at a time where it's politically
acceptable to the powers-that-may-be to make that announcement.  If a name
isn't chosen by the time the expedition 1 crew is launched I suspect that
space station's name will continue to be "International Space Station".

But in my heart it will always be "Babylon One".

OBJ Babylon 1 sighting reports - saw it Saturday morning, excellent high
elevation pass at least first magnitude if not brighter.  Rained out Sunday.

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