Unity is 1998-069 F, NORAD 25575

Wed, 16 Dec 1998 14:55:24 EST

This postings on the subject of cataloging (Allen Thomson, Jay Respler, and
Alan Pickup) have me confused on one question, which is compounded when I
recall the NASA's HSF Orbital Elements web page --
http://spaceflight.nasa.gov./realdata/elements/index.html -- kept referring to
the ISS as "Current ISS/ZARYA," even after Unity was linked to Zarya and the
two released on their own.  

My question is, if the ISS is to be tracked and cataloged using Zarya's
USSPACECOM number, and NASA keeps referring to the object as "ISS/Zarya" -
does this mean the name "Zarya" as a matter of usage or default, may become
the new space station's name, perhaps in the same manner that Mir refers
simultaneously to both the entire Russian space station and to its one main
individual module?  (Sorry , Phil, just asking. ;)  Does "Zarya's" name stick
as a matter of its being orbited first (since everything is essentiall to be
added to it)?  Or, as I understand is planned for it, does Zarya's eventual
being detached and relocated elsewhere to the ISS mean that once detached, the
rest of the ISS should get another designation, and then a different name?

Jim Cook, Germantown, MD 39.2N, 77.3W