Re: Unity is 1998-069 F, NORAD 25575

Richard Fredrick (
Tue, 15 Dec 1998 18:39:53 -0600

Hi Allen,

I couldn't agree more. The assigning of separate identities to a single
object such as MIR or ISS is more than "slightly wierd." There is
another issue in this case. I think that all of the MIR components were,
at one time or another, free flying objects. Unity was always attached
either to the shuttle or to Zarya. So how can it ever be considered an
independently identifiable object?

Allen Thomson wrote:
> OIG now reports : 1998-069F    25575 ISS (UNITY)
> So it would appear as if NORAD is on the road to identifying and "tracking"
> each module separately.   IMVHO, this is slightly weird.



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