My first Satellite sighting!
Tue, 15 Dec 1998 16:54:07 +0100


I just had to write you all this morning about my sighting of Mir last
night.  It was my very first sighting of a satellite since I joined the
group last week.  Just my luck, since I joined up last week the skies have
been cloudy and rainy here (36.7657N 76.2191W, 6m).

I downloaded a list of visible satellite passes from the GSOC Visible
Satellites Home Page yesterday.  Last evening at the appointed time, I went
out into my back yard and looked up.  What a rush!!!

There she was, as bright as could be.  She arrived at the appointed time in
the NW, passed very close to Jupiter on her way SW.  She was brighter than

I was so excited I called my roommate outside to show her.  Then I went
inside (I was bare-footed in 40F weather!) and called my brother to share
the news with him.

I look forward to many more exciting sightings.  Thank you all for sharing
such a wonderful hobby.

I promise not to bore you with an e-mail about every sighting in the future;
but I just had to share this one with you.

Troy E. Hedgepeth
Chesapeake, Virginia, USA
36.7657N 76.2191W, 6m