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Tue, 15 Dec 1998 05:50:30 -0700

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	Beautiful pass of both the shuttle and Zarya this morning -- both visible
at the same time, although separated by many miles.
	Initially the shuttle was bright, I estimate mag 0, but soon dimmed.  The
sky was dark the entire time.
	Zarya followed a similar profile, except it was somewhat brighter, I think
mag -1 or maybe even -2.  VERY bright.
	However, I'm not sure I understand the reason each dimmed before reaching
the horizon.  Angle from the sun?  Even though the sky was still dark?

	At any rate, as a local friend told me -- we've been waiting most of our
lives for this space station and it's quite a thrill to see it whizzing by.
	And, as I told him, I wish I could go there and take part personally.
Sometimes dreams remain dreams and are never realized.


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