Re: Last ditch ISS/STS-88 obs

James Husnay Sr. (
Sun, 13 Dec 1998 19:40:00 -0500

Bradley P. Allen wrote:

> There haven't been many favorable passes of ISS for those of here in
> Southern California during the current Shuttle mission.

We've had the same problem in the North East at 43.05N and 76.15W Syracuse, New
York.This morning was the most favorable pass so far having surprisingly none
other than clear sky's. ISS elevation was from NW at 06:22:51 EST. Observed
naked eye at around 06:24 culminating at 06:25 through "The Dipper" and higher
than the 55 predicted. Then observed with my unsupported 12X50s 'til lost in
twilight on horizon ENE at 06:30:33. Sun angle was at I believe -11.

Also because of incoming clouds on 12/12 observed Geminids from 22:15 PM to
23:00 PM EST. It was a bit nippy last night with NW winds bringing in the
clouds. With my grandson in my backyard and in this moderately light polluted
city most meteors observed were faint 2m to 4m.

Total of 18 counted within 45 minutes, not to bad I thought as we couldn't
cover the whole sky. None fragmented and none with trains. Only one to write
home about as it crossed 50 degrees of sky almost straight down going below
visible south eastern horizon. From white to blue to orange at about 1.5 to
fading 2m and slow moving. (I'm not complaing, the Leonids was an absolute
washout here).

This morning 12/13 was a surprise. It had cleared again. Went out at 06:08 AM
EST to watch for Iridium 66 Flare. Warmer with wind out of south and not as
pristine. Very light haze. Hoped of seeing more Geminids. Saw 1 about 2m about
15 seconds before Iridium Flare coming from SW to NE and intersecting 66's
path. Iridium on time at -7m and at 06:16:02 on a parallel to Dubhe and Merek.