Last ditch ISS/STS-88 obs

Bradley P. Allen (
Sun, 13 Dec 1998 07:04:05 -0800

There haven't been many favorable passes of ISS for those of here in 
Southern California during the current Shuttle mission, so in desperation I 
tried this morning for a last shot at seeing the two prior to separation. 
 Against expectations, I found them using 15x45 binos during a 18 degree 
elevation pass from N to ENE at 06:32 PDT, in the middle of civil twilight 
with the Sun just -3.7 degrees below the horizon! Not a lot of stars to 
compare it to against this kind of background, but an approach within 2 
degrees of Vega showed the objects' brightness to be mag. 0.

Bradley P. Allen
Manhattan Beach, CA, USA
N 33.881  W 118.387 42 meters