re: 1998 069 D&E

Philip Chien (
Sat, 12 Dec 1998 01:26:08 -0500

"Allen Thomson" <> said:

>Previous posters were correct; NASA now identifies them as
>1998-069D    25564 STS 88 DEB (WIRE CARRIER
>1998-069E    25565 STS 88 DEB (SOCKET)

These are fairly small items which I suppose gives some idea of how small a
piece in a LEO USSPACECOM can track if it's given an approximate starting
orbit.  Lead Flight director Bob Castle said that NASA notifies USSPACEOM
when items are lost overboard so USSPACEOM doesn't have to try to figure
out what they're tracking.

The Wire carrier held the "slide wire" which the crew installed on the
outside of the Node.  The socket is a Portable Foot Restraint (PFR)
component which is used to give the spacewalker a movable work location.

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