Possible reentry sighting from New York?

Matson, Robert (ROBERT.D.MATSON@cpmx.saic.com)
Fri, 11 Dec 1998 17:07:57 -0800

	On 5-Dec-98, Chris Peat posted a query about a possible reentry
sighting from
	Highland Mills, NY (41.35N, 74.13W) on 4-Dec-98 at 21:25 UT by
	Swiller.  Jonathan wrote that the object was moving N --> S, high
up, and west
	of him.  "It seemed to be a plane with a short, double contrail. 
the front was a
> steady, bright white-yellow light, the "contrails" never grew in length. 
> as it moved
> south it seemed to be far brighter than a plane would be."
	Based on his description, I'd say it was a jet.  Often I've observed
	high-altitude jets at sunset producing nice glints, and short
contrails that
	evaporate soon after creation.  Still, for completeness, I did a
search for
	anything that might have been reentering at that time.  Nada.  The
	two objects that I have decaying on 4-Dec-98 were Mir Deb MV
	and Step 2 Pegasus Deb LL (#24237).  Neither could have reentered at
	the time and direction of this observation.  --Rob