Re: Telescope esentials

Rupert E. Lubkemeier (
Fri, 11 Dec 1998 13:45:16 -0500

For my 12th birthday my Dad bought me a Tasco 60 mm / f11 refractor at A&S
department store.

I am now 32.

For 20 years I have been observing with this telescope, galaxies, stars, planets,
satellites and the girls next door!

With this scope I saw the black spots on Jupiter caused by comet fragments.

The beautiful rings of Saturn.

I can go on and on...

My Tasco is still in mint shape.

I would never call it a piece of junk and I would not replace it with any scope
priced under $5000 !!!

When I win Lotto, I'll buy an Astro-Physics refractor telescope for about $10,000
and I won't be embarrassed about mounting my Tasco on it as a guide scope.

-Rupert E. Lubkemeier, N2OTO  FN30cr

Terry Lisansky wrote:

> Tasco makes junk, pure
> and simple.  Good luck.......Terry
> On Wed, 9 Dec 1998, radar wrote:
> > Hi Folks,
> >
> > Just asking for an opinion.  I appologize if this message should not be
> > posted here.  Any replies, please direct them back to my own email address.
> >
> > I am researching to purchase my first telescope.  I have decided on the
> > side.  I am going to get a 90mm Refractor.  I have looked at what looks like
> > to be the two leading manufacturers (Meade and Tasco).  Can anyone offer up
> > any opinions as to which one to go with?  Any other comments to help me with
> > my decision?
> >
> > Regards,
> >
> > Terry