OIG latest word

Allen Thomson (thomsona@dzn.com)
Fri, 11 Dec 1998 08:22:35 -0700

This just back from the OIG System Administrator


      From: admin
      Date: 1998/12/11 12:48:27

   Mr. Thomson,

     Taking one step at a time, hopefully the first of the year, the TLE
limit may go from 100 daily to 500, not sure all TLE's.


Well, that will be an improvement (if it happens, of course).

BTW,  I'd welcome any suggestions as to how satelem could be made more
useful as long as we're in the present somewhat crippled regime.  I've been
posting it on
Wednesday or Thursday, and the delta between it and Mike's alldat is now
about 1500 newer elsets.  Should I change the relative timing, concentrate
on updating high-drag objects, prefer A and B objects....?