re: 1998 069 B&C ?

Philip Chien (
Thu, 10 Dec 1998 22:48:10 -0500

"Allen Thomson" <> said:

>I notice that 1998 069 B and C, as well as NORAD 25550 and 25551 are missing
>from the OIG listings.  A specific query returns a "not found" message.  D &
>E, presumably construction debris,  are listed as 25564 and 25565.
>Does anyone know what's going on here? Are they reserving B and C for ISS
>components (Node 1 and ?) ?

I suspect the construction debris are the socket and slide wire carrier
which came loose during the first spacewalk.  A couple of additional items
may have been lost on the second.

I am faily certain that the B and C designations will go to SAC-A and
Mightysat respectively, the two mini-sats which are scheduled to be
deployed from Endeavour's cargo bay after it undocks from Babylon 1.

Not sure why they would have reserved serial numbers ahead of time though,
I would have thought that the numbers would have been given in sequence,
especially since there's a very real possibility that the objects may not
get deployed at all due to a technical reason.

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