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Pete Franklin (
Fri, 11 Dec 1998 01:41:13 +0000

Hi everyone,

My name is Pete Franklin, and I've just today subscribed to SeeSat-L. As
is customary I am writing to introduce myself.

I live in Blackpool, England UK (53.83N 3.03W) which is famous for its
Illuminations (read light polution) and its Tower. I've been interested
in astronomy from a very young age (apparently my first word was "moon")
and have been observing artificial satellites for the past couple of
years. I'm currently a naked eye and binocular observer, but next year I
plan to get a 'scope so I can (hopefully) see the ISS develop, element
by element - I'd also like to see Mir telescopically a few times, before
it's time runs out. 

I hope you will find my contributions to be of value, and if it's not
too soon, I would like to wish all members the compliments of the

Clear skies,

Pete Franklin