Shuttle/ISS encounter with Cosmos 100 R/B

Matson, Robert (
Thu, 10 Dec 1998 10:30:12 -0800

Hi Everyone,

Using the latest ISS elements, the upcoming encounter with Cosmos 100 R/B
has shifted a little bit in time and location.  Closest approach is now
quite a
bit closer -- 25 km -- at 20:33:33 UTC today (10 December).  This is about
two hours from now as I write this.

constellation Cygnus (Northern Cross) at 20:33, zip past Corona
Borealis at 20:33:30, heading toward Spica and Corvus at 20:34.
Some coordinates:

20:33:00  RA 20h 23m  Dec 34.4  Range 64 km
20:33:30  RA 16h 21m  Dec 19.0  Range 26 km
20:34:00  RA 12h 06m  Dec -20.8  Range 55 km

Visual magnitude predicted to be at least -1.5.  There is another
encounter with another rocket body prior to the next orbit boost.
I'll post details soon.  --Rob