ISS & other satellites

Chris Wyatt. (
Thu, 10 Dec 1998 14:23:14 +1100

G'day All,

Last evening Dec 9 1998 local time I observed the following satellites.

While on my evening walk at 9:42pm local (10:42UT ) I observed Meteor
1-6 passing above Canopus on a Sth to Nth pass varied in brightness from
mag 1 to mag 4 & back over a 7to8 sec period. Just after this I saw
ETS-7 H2 Rocket at 9:45pm local (10:45UT) on a west to east track just
below alpha Aries (Hamal) at about mag 1.5, just before disappearing
behind a piece of cloud. Check out what these two were after the events.

Saw ISS do a SW rise at about 5deg elevation at 10:12pm local (11:12UT)
peaked at 62deg above Canopus which it rivalled in brightness. ISS went
on to disappear in Earth's shadow at about 10:16pm near Beta lupus
(Nihal). Just then I noticed another sat. which I determined to be SL-16
Rocket doing a Nth/Sth pass tumbling as mag varied from 2 to 5 & back on
a 4sec period. Watched travel from just above Betelgeuse to just below


Chris Wyatt, in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia.

Lat. S 36d46m35s, Long. E 144d14m28s, Altitude 240m