Additaional info available from OIG

Alan Pickup (
Wed, 9 Dec 1998 14:43:27 +0000

OIG has made some welcome additions to the information available via its
WWW pages (

OIG's announcement reads:

OIG will be adding two new products to the WEB Site that you may want to
explore.  Both are associated with tracking decaying objects.  They are
called the "Decay Prediction Report" and the "Decay Prediction Text

In addition, the "Sixty Day Decay Forecast Report" has a new entry
called "RCS".  In short, an object with a RCS value equal to or larger
than 1.00 may make contact somewhere on the earth surface. To see these
links you will have to re-configure your user home page.

We have resumed Historical TLE Requests.

At present the "Decay Prediction Report" has no predictions but is
intended to contain "Date, time , latitude and longitude of objects
predicted to decay in the near future."

The "Decay Prediction Text Query" allows you to read the last (or all)
decay notices issued (I believe) by USSPACECOM for the satellite whose
catalog number you provide. The latest five TLEs are also provided. As
examples of what should be available in future, try queries for the
recent decaying Molniya 3-11 (#11240) and for the GEOS 1 Delta 1 r2
(#8368) that decayed on December 6. I was away and unable to post "Decay
watch" notices about the latter, but my final analysis showing decay at
December 6.30 is in good agreement with the OIG time.

Thanks to Harro Zimmer for alerting me to the Molniya 3-11 data.

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