ISS-STS obs.

Daniel Deak (
Tue, 08 Dec 1998 20:21:27 -0500

Hello everybody,

Now that almost everybody has seen it  ;-) it's been my turn
this morning, AT LAST. I watched a pass of the Shuttle docked
to the ISS for 3 minutes. Culmination was at 6°Az, 29°El.
The sky was almost entirely covered by thin clouds but its zero
magnitude made it an easy target. When I was observing with
my 7 X 35 binocs, I saw a small rapid flare. Instead of appearing
as a small dot, the ISS-STS duo appeared elongated. I'm wondering
if it's possible to see it that way or if it was an effect of the -12°C
cold light wind in my eyes. Observed from 11:14 to 11:17 UTC on
Dec. 8. It was my first Zarya sighting.

Daniel Deak
45.9483°N, 72.6539°W, 58 m, UTC-5:00