Hans Lawrenz (
Tue, 8 Dec 1998 11:43:56 -0500

        First, let me introduce myself. I recently joined the SeeSat-L
after becoming interested in observing satellites(can't remember how I got
interested) about a month ago. I am a college student at Montgomery College
in Rockville MD, USA.

        Recently on the list there have been a number of messages
grumbling(?) about the lack of knowlege in the media(or their lack of fact
checking) about the visiblility of satellites. So when the BBC-World news
show had a story about the ISS I was not suprised when the host made a
comment about how incredible it was that the ISS was so large that it would
be visible. I was verry happy then when the guest corrected him and said
that lots of satellites were visible, even ones much smaller than the ISS
will be and is. So not everyone is ignorant of the visibility of
satellites, and I must say I had no idea they were visible up untill a
month or so ago.

        One more thing, I saw the ETS-7 two nights ago but I only saw one
part of it, but acording to my predictions I should have seen both the
target as well as the main part. I was wondering if one of the pieces had
decayed or if they had been docked togather(are they still doing tests with

Thanks, bye


Hans Lawrenz