Re: Pegasus/SWAS Launch
Sun, 6 Dec 1998 14:59:50 EST

I thought it was interesting how Dave Ransom saw the Pegasus/SWAS launch.
He is the creator of the tracking program STS Plus (
I'm posting his report with his permission.

-- Jake Rees
   Burbank, California



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05 DEC 98  By sheer coincidence, my wife Vicki was looking to
           the West just before 18:00 MST (01:00 UTC) and saw
           what she thought was a meteor and yelled for me to
           come. I took one look and told her it was the Pegasus
           launch of the small NASA SWAS satellite off the central
           California coast from Orbital Sciences L-1011 aircraft.
           It was a spectacular sight! And remarkable that we could
           see it from Sedona in the wilds of Northern Arizona!
           (I earned many points by correctly identifying the
           launch ... subsequently confirmed.)

           SWAS = Submillimeter Wave Astronomy Satellite