STS-88/ISS Reboosts?
Sun, 6 Dec 1998 08:53:16 EST

I was checking the GSOC web site's predictions for the remainder of the STS-88
/ ISS Assembly 2A mission and found a few somewhat hopeful viewing
opportunities for the DC area towards the end of the mission, including at 36
degree elevation pass on the morning of Dec. 15.  However, when I went to
NASA's new "Human Space Flight" web page to check the time line for STS-88
(expecting it to return Dec. 15), I found two activities simply noted as
"reboost #1" and "reboost #2" (see --  ), occurring on MET Day 5 (12/8)
and Day 8 (12/11).  

I'm hoping someone on SeeSatL might have a little more information on these
"reboosts" and what they mean for the passes predicted for the
Endeavour/Zarya/Unity assembly from 8 Dec on and 11 Dec on.  I presume it
means that whatever the GSOC web site, QuickSat, etc., come up with beyond
those dates are unreliable -- but I'm hoping someone might have some idea just
HOW unreliable.

Thank you.  And Happy Holidays to all, in case I don't post another note the
rest of the year. *<|;-}}}}

Jim Cook
Germantown, MD 39.2N, 77.3W