Photo of "unusual event" (fireball)

Ed Cannon (
Sun, 06 Dec 1998 03:49:04 -0500

I stumbled across a photo of an "unusual event" that was
captured at 04:16:16 on 24 Sept. 1998 by an all-sky camera at 
the Univ. of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada; the event was 
also witnessed by members of an astronomy class.  It was a 
bolide or fireball that took 45 seconds to cross the sky!  
That seemed like kind of a long time for a natural fireball
(although the 10 Aug 1972 daylight fireball was filmed for 26 
seconds and observed by a sensing satellite for 41 seconds --, so I wondered if 
it might have been a re-entry.  However, it doesn't match any 
decay in Alan Pickup's list.  

I've learned that its track was NNW to SW, which sounds like,
if it had been a re-entry, it would have been of an object in 
a retrograde orbit.  Anyway, here's the URL of the page with
the photo and caption:

Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA