ISS, STS sightings

Bruno Tilgner (
Sun, 6 Dec 1998 02:43:09 -0500


this morning (6 December 1998) I could observe Zarya as it emerged
from the Earth's shadow at 05:22 UTC at an elevation of 67 degrees,
azimuth 20 degrees. Estimated magnitude 0, but getting fainter as
it moved eastward.

17 minutes later, at 05:39 UTC, Endeavor entered sunlight at an
elevation of 54 degrees, azimuth 8 degrees. About 1 minute later
it exhibited an extremely bright flare for some 10 to 15 seconds.
The flare was considerably brighter than anything I have seen from
the Iridiums, so I estimate the peak magnitude at -9.

One orbit later Zarya culminated at 06:58:20 UTC close to Polaris but
was barely visible because daylight interfered, sunrise being at
07:29 UTC. The shuttle, which passed 16 minutes later (it is catching
up with Zarya), could not be seen at all, daylight being too bright

Bruno Tilgner
Saint-Cloud, France
48.85N 2.2E 98m