Re: ETS-7 . VISUAL Elements

Sat, 05 Dec 1998 02:13:20 -0500

Jim Nix wrote:
> What's going on with ETS-7?  I observed an UnId on a similar trajectory
> and time.  Observed Traj of UnId was a couple of degrees above the
> Skymap
> predicted Traj of ETS-7 and 97074E.  (it was supposed to pass below
> Alpha
> Psa but passed above it instead and was flashing/rotating with a 5.58s
> period).  Nothing else in the latest alldat.tle was even close.

I recently observed it a couple of times. Didn't see anything unusual.
No flashing. Here are obs I just sent to ppas:

97- 74 B 98-12-01 11:47:19   JHR                       S mg6.3 @844mi az188 el18
97- 74 B 98-12-03 11:29:22   JHR   5                   S Mg5.4 @979mi az171 el29
98- 11 B 98-11-28 00:01:46   JHR  10                   S Mg6.3 @864mi az189/26
98- 11 B 98-11-29 00:03:30   JHR  20                   mg5.4 faded, stayed 7.2

JHR:   Jay Respler, Freehold NJ, USA

For those just interested in elements for naked eye sats, I added a
link to VISUAL.txt in my Sky View web site.  Go to 'More Info'.

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