Re: Magnitude comparisons

Ron Lee (
Fri, 04 Dec 1998 20:49:25 -0700

5 magnitudes = 100 times difference in brightness so each magnitude
is about 2.512 different than the next (2 to 3 or -4 to -5).

Polaris is about magnitude 2.0 so there is a 11 magnitude difference.

11E2.512 = about 25120 times brighter than Polaris

Of course that assumes i did everything right.  Actually comparing
such a flare with anything is going to be approximate unless you 
are really good.

Ron Lee

At 09:24 PM 12/4/98 -0500, you wrote:
>I have a predicted -9 Iridium 41 Flare coming up in my neighborhood
>Sunday evening.  For the elucidation of my audience and confirmation of
>my own calculations, would someone please help me with the following:
>A -9 Iridium flare is ____ times brighter than Polaris.
>A -9 Iridium flare is ____ times brighter than Jupiter.
>This question is awfully elementary, but I was challenged at a recent -8
>event when I said 'this will be a thousand times brighter than the
>brightest star'.  I guess Vega was it at the time and I was exaggerating
>a little, but how much did I lie?
>Bob Jones