RE: Nozomi-Swingby

Fri, 4 Dec 1998 15:26:31 -0800

Yes!  I would love to watch the Nozomi (Planet-B) flyby.  Can
somebody get a state vector for it?  Here is a link to ISAS.
Here is a Planet-B link (in Japanese and English).
This link has a chart showing the orbit.  Currently it has
undergone one lunar swingby and will perform another on
Dec. 18.  There should be a burn sometime after the
earth swingby.  The chart is at:

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Is there anybody out there, who could please calculate the visibility of the
Swingby of the Japanese Marsprobe NOZOMI on December 20th?!?! My Location is
52.2288 North and 8.79805 East. Many Thanks for Your Efforts and Your Help!

    Christian :--)