RE:Fireball Electrophonic Sound Journal reference

Robert Sheaffer (
Thu, 03 Dec 1998 08:12:06 -0800

At 11:32 PM 12/2/1998 -0700, Ling,Alister [Edm] wrote:
>forgive me the delay.... here is the information on the research article
>that pertains to hearing sounds from fireball re-entries. These are called
>electrophonic sounds. I haven't kept up with the field, so I don't know if
>there is anything more recent - if there is, I'd like to know about it,
>"Progress in Explaining the Mysterious Sounds Produced by Very Large Meteor
>Fireballs" by Colin S.L. Keay
>Journal of Scientific Exploration, Vol 7, No 4, pp337-354.  1993

The problem is that this is a journal that routinely carries articles
claiming the reality of UFOs, telepathy, dowsing, reincarnation, and even
of birth defects being due to "cursing." See their website at .

So some of us remain skeptical!

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