Shuttle and Rocket Trajectory plots (?)

Richard Baldridge (
Tue, 1 Dec 1998 08:19:00 -0800

Does anyone know where I can obtain launch trajectory information,
diagrams, tables, etc. for the Shuttle or other launch vehicles?  I'm
interested in constructing some .TRJ (rocket trajectory) files for
Matson's SKYMAP.  At a minimum, the information should include ALTITUDE
and DOWNRANGE DISTANCE from the launch site for given times, which I can
convert to LAT, LONG and ALTITUDE required for the .TRJ files.  I'd also
be interested in SHUTTLE REENTRY information along the same line (and
yes, I have seen the reentry ground tracks in the Shuttle Archives,) but
I'd like more information than the ground tacks alone provide.


Rick Baldridge