Orbcomm Obs Success!

Ron Lee (ronlee@pcisys.net)
Tue, 30 Dec 1997 06:12:57 -0700

Decided to give the Orbcomm's another try this morning,
but with the 8" telescope. It was another good elevation
pass but to the south at 5:45 AM local, so the sun angle
was not ideal.

After seeing a large cloud threatening to move over my
selected star, I re-ran Skymap for a star above Spica.
That star grouping was easily found and four minutes prior
to appearance, I started to move to the original point.

The cloud seemed too close so I returned to the backup star.
Waited and waited.  Amazing that a mere minute of time can
seem to take forver..but then one flashed by...then two..
and three.  Finally I see all five of the leading group.

Now I have to move the scope up a bit for the second group.
I think I am on the right spot but not certain.  Time again
drags.  Oh well, at least I saw five, then another flashes
through the field of view, then another and YES, the 8th one
goes by as well.

Once again I am a semi-competent satellite observer.

The magnitudes under these less than favorable conditions was
in the 8.5 to 9 range.   Range about 1060 km, Matson sun phase
angle about 77 degrees.

Perhaps someone can view these under better illumination
conditions to see if they become binocular objects.

Ron Lee