Re: Other Satellite ID
Mon, 29 Dec 1997 09:00:18 -0700

At 01:11 AM 29/12/97 -0500, Don wrote:

>>it as ERBS later on. However when i tried to spot COBE (with no luck) i
>>happened to look straight north and saw a bright flare inside the cup of the
>>Big Dipper. It lasted for a few seconds and then it disappeared. The
>>direction of travel was from the north to the south-east at 00:39 UTC. I
>>tried to ID it but no luck, nothing came close, not even any Iridiums.
>There would seem to be about 4 possibilities:
>14360 (81053HV)  which look like debris
>20046 (89042B)  A rocket booster for Cosmos 2026
>03841 (69010C) Another rocket booster perhaps
>..and my personal favorite
>24297 (96051A) Cosmos 2333

Of the 4 listed, 14360 and 03841 are not in my database and Cosmos 2026
(20046) was already reaching max elevation at the time in question. However
Cosmos 2333 does come close to the direction and positioning. The Big Dipper
wasn't that high up in the sky at that hour and at about that time, the
flare was inside the cup. The best guess being Cosmos 2333.

Thanks for the help.