Re: UnID geosynchronous sat

Bjoern Gimle (
Sun, 28 Dec 1997 19:16:21 +0100

On Dec.21, this was posted on SeeSat-L:

>Can anyone help ID this bird?  Cheers, Dan Laszlo
>Subj:  Geosynchronous Sat. Imaged
>Date:  12/20/97 2:21:36 PM
>During the evening of 18 December, I was imaging the Flame Nebula from my home
>in Maine.  Using a 16" Newtonian and a CB245 CCD camera, I was taking a series
>of 10-second images of the nebula.  
>At the end of the observing run, I was looking through the images and noticed
>a short trail on three successive images....
>Jeff MacQuarrie
My home sub-page
now contains my analysis of this, with Jeff's image and one SkyMap screen
image, and some data files.

Happy New Year!

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