Iridium 12 flare
Sun, 28 Dec 1997 00:44:02 +2000

This is my first post to the list. Some info on me: I'm 16 y/o, live 
in Cape Town, South Africa (33.54S, 18.38E, GMT +2h) and only 
started being interested in viewing satelites about a week ago. 
(Except for Mir)

I witnessed my first Iridium flare tonight (mag. -5, Iridium 12). It 
was brilliant, though at least 10 deg above the predicted el. by GSOC.
Also made two Mir sightings, the second being only of magnitude 2.2. 
It was good to see Mir again because a few months have passed since 
my last sighting.

BTW - How many Cosmos satelites have ever been sent up?
(Since I only see cosmos rockets all the time)
Is the/a Ariane Rocket a rare sighting?

Neil Broers (Cozmos)

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