Mir/ Progress Obs

sbolton (sbolton@nbnet.nb.ca)
Thu, 18 Dec 1997 18:19:11 -0400

Just observed a Mir pass at 22:08 UT Dec 18.
Mir -2.
Progress trailing Mir by 10 seconds, mag 3.5-4.0
Object preceding Mir by 3 seconds, mag approx 5.5-6.0
What is object preceeding Mir?

Have Cosmos 2348 RB pass at 04:22 UT Dec 19. In shadow. This is before Allan
Pickups error limits in yesterdays reenty post. Sky is clear, and will be
out there.

Finally, Iridium 32 should put on a -4.7 at 10:30 UT Dec 19. But sky may be
cloudly at that time.

Steve Bolton
Lat 45.432N
Long 65.976 W