Cosmos 2348 or 2349

Larry Van Horn (
Tue, 16 Dec 1997 13:44:08 -0500

Thanks to my ST colleague Phillip Clark for filling in the holes. I just
received a phone call from Sardi at the World Data Center and he confirmed
that USSPACECOM made an error (gee the US government does make mistakes). ;-)

The lineup is as follows:

Dec 9/0717 97-79A/25088 Cosmos 2347 Baikonur Eorsat
Dec 15 	 97-80A/25095 Cosmos 2348 Plesetsk  Recon 369x176 km 67.1 deg	

And yes Phillip, I do need to update my notes on this series. I totally
missed to 90 day mission. Hummm, old age, to many irons in the fire and bad
glasses I guess. ;-)

Take care all,

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