FW: Upcoming launches and questions

Huston, Stu (A016174@MDCPO102.HB.MDC.COM)
Thu, 04 Dec 97 17:10:00 PST

>From http://solar.rtd.utk.edu/~mwade/sites/taiyuan.htm :

Operator: China.
Country: China.
Latitude: 37.5 N.
Longitude: 112.6 E.
Minimum Inclination: 99.0 degrees.
Maximum Inclination: 99.0 degrees.
Comments: China's launch site for polar orbiting satellites.

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Subject: Upcoming launches and questions

Two more Iridiums are due to be launched from Taiyuan (China) Launch
Center on 8 Dec.  If anyone has coordinates of this site, I can try to
generate prelaunch elsets.
Ron Lee