Newbie asking simple Iridium Questions -- Revealed
Thu, 4 Dec 1997 12:29:33 -0500 (EST)

A couple months ago I asked a some very basic questions concerning Iridium
satellites.  Thank you to all that responded; I have learned much thanks to
your help.

I can now explain why I needed your help to get me started; you may find it

Back in the very beginning, I used a search engine to locate the VSOHP.  I
thought it was very odd that the home page had NO information on Iridiums.

Here is the explanation:  the search engine put me through to this URL:

It appears to be a very convincing-looking impostor.  After one of you
graciously pointed me to the CORRECT site, I found all the Iridium info I was
looking for. 

Has this happened to anyone else?  Can anyone explain what the duplicate site
is supposed to be?  Slightly inconvenient, if you ask me.

Thanks again!
Gregory May