STS pass prediction for Friday wanted

J.C. Millot (
Tue, 2 Dec 1997 22:53:31 +1100

Hi SeeSaters,

I have a special question for the most confident in the art of elset
predictions :

We will have a public astro session Friday night here in Noumea, New
Caledonia, from 19:00 local time (8:00 UT) to 24:00 (13:00) or may be

According to the last elsets, there will be a STS-87 pass around 19:28
local time (08:28 UT). But I know that these elsets will be wrong as the
STS-87 will land only a few hours later.

>From the last elements known and knowing the date and time of landing, is
there anybody able to give some elsets for the last few hours or any pass
prediction for our location if elsets cannot be computed.

Location is in my signature.

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