Re: U.S. lifts veil on spy satellite launch

Kurt Jonckheere (
Thu, 19 Dec 1996 23:00:11 +0100

John Pike wrote :
> ^U.S. lifts veil on spy satellite launch@
>    By Jim Wolf
>    WASHINGTON (Reuter) - A supersecretive Pentagon arm 
>Wednesday lifted the veil for the first time on the scheduled
>    The National Reconnaissance Office, whose own very existence
>was a secret until 1992, said it would no longer seek to shield

Nasa officials seem to think they are longer a secret than they were...

For the moment I'm reading the paperback book 
'Deep Black, the startling truth behind America's top-secret spy
satellites'.  It was written by William E. Burrows and also explained
in dept the existence, way of working of NRO and its relation with 
the other agencies (like Air Force,...).  

It was published in 1986, so NRO certainly wasn't a secret anymore in

Although the book is already more then 10 years old now, it gives an
interesting overview of the spy activities of the USA.  Starting with
the U2 airplanes (Cuban Crisis) over the Corona's (did you know that the
photographs were ejected from the satellite, dropped to the earth and 
then picked up by an Flying Boxcar airplane?) to the KH-12 (keyhole).

Because the book is already rather old, it doesn't give the most recent
evolutions, but it remains a rather fascinating book.  

[In fact I have no idea if everything in the book is right...
The paperback edition is from Berkley books, New York. 
I don't know if it is still available.]

Does somebody know about more recent books dealing with this stuff ?

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