Re: Oscar 13 final day(s)

Freddy de Guchteneire (
Sun, 06 Dec 1992 16:27:06 -0100

I like to thank Bjorn Gimle, James Miller and others for providing the 
element sets and information about the reentry of Amsat Oscar-13.

Unfortunately I was not able to see AO-13 a few weeks ago due to 60 
percent cloud obstruction. I did get the feeling of observing. 
I am interested to receive reports from any one who did see AO-13.

We recognize that it was very difficult to see AO-13's reentry. 
I am sure many Visual Satellite Observers have the qualification and 
expertise to do this. There is a lot of similarities in your work and 
that of Amsat users. Is light not equivalent to high frequency radio 
waves ? 

Perhaps we may include a light(radio) wave experiment in a future 
satellite ? In the mean time I wish you all best of luck with observing 
and please continue your work.

Freddy de Guchteneire ON6UG