Standard magnitude for Chinese Space Station

From: Alexander V. Wolf via Seesat-l <>
Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2022 18:10:51 +0700
Hi all!

Some time ago one of the Chinese users of Stellarium asked us about visual
magnitude for CSS. Of course Stellarium doesn't have RCS nor std. magnitude
values and we cannot compute the visual magnitudes. Right now CSS has a
maximum length 37 meters and orbital period 92.2 minutes. This is
interesting, because Mir station had a maximum length 31 meters and orbital
period 91.8 minutes - and Mike McCants' quicksat.mag file has value -1.0
for Mir complex. In the latest beta of Stellarium I've added an approximate
standard magnitude for CSS as -1.1, but probably someone has the correct
value for it? In any case, maybe someone measured the brightness of CSS?

With best regards, Alexander
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