NROL-65 & NROL-15

From: Erik Laan (
Date: Thu Aug 29 2013 - 12:54:22 UTC

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    Dear all,
    Now it seems that NROL-65 is identified I was wondering what ever happened
    to finding NROL-15 launched in june 2012? I remember suggestions NROL-15
    could have had some kind of geostationary decoy (was this ever spotted?)
    and required a special onetime upgrade to the 'normal' Delta 4 heavy, and
    also that the actual Misty satellite itself had some kind of stealth
    I have understood from a source that NROL-65 also used the special upgrade
    of the 'normal' Delta 4 heavy. Could you be looking at the decoy of NROL-65
    instead of at the supposed KH-11?
    With best regards,
    Erik Laan
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