Updated NROL-65 payload elements

From: Ted Molczan (ssl3molcz@rogers.com)
Date: Thu Aug 29 2013 - 12:30:39 UTC

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    I derived the following TLE from timed positions reported by Cees Bassa, Kevin Fetter, Marco Langbroek, Mike McCants,
    Jon Mikel, Russell Eberst, and myself:
    NROL-65 payload                                          252 X 996 km
    1 39232U 13043A   13241.13402991  .00022653  00000-0  18825-3 0    08
    2 39232  97.8829 304.6235 0531433 191.9909 166.8235 14.80682241    01
    Arc 20130828.81-0829.14 WRMS resid 0.039 totl 0.021 xtrk
    All elements were permitted to vary in the analysis. It was a bit early to expect a reliable rate of decay, but the
    value seems reasonable.
    For anyone who has yet to report positions from visual or optical sightings, whether of the payload or its rocket body:
    it's never too late to do so. If we receive them within the next few days, they can inform our current analyses; later
    reports will still be valued in the archives. It is not unusual to revisit analyses of orbits years after the fact,
    which benefit from having most complete observational record possible.
    Ted Molczan
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