UNID Flare

From: ronlee@pcisys.net
Date: Thu Aug 29 2013 - 04:09:00 UTC

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    I saw a nice flare in Pegasus earlier.   I was not expecting it so my
    position and times are rough.  The satellite was moving north and seemed
    to be parallel with the horizon during the short period I observed it.
    Approximate time of the flare was 3:25 UT on 29 Aug 2013.
    It was basically in the middle of the Pegasus square or a bit higher than
    the middle. Rough location is RA 23.5 hour and +24 Degrees declination.
    Approximate maximum magnitude zero or maybe even negative.
    My location 38 Degrees, 56.9 minutes north latitude, 104 degrees 33.7
    minutes west longitude and 2073 m elevation.
    Ron Lee
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