RE: Re: Software for geo flare calculations

From: Vitaly Mechinsky (
Date: Sat Aug 24 2013 - 14:46:12 UTC

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    Ed and Simone (and Mike McCants, of course), tank you very much!
    "Highecl" is exactly the program I was looking for a year!
    Best regards,
    Vitaly (Minsk, Belarus).
    >If you also need data it might be of help our DB. We have collected about 1000
    >reports of geo flares. For each of them you have a report ID that can be used
    >simulate the event within the trackers (both online and offline).
    >You can obtain the list using the following query:
    >Vitaly asked about "software for GSS flares calculation?"
    >There is the "ECL" version of Highfly by Mike McCants.  It is a DOS program.
    >It's "" on his Programs page:
    >It predicts when the geosats are just about to enter eclipse and when they
    >are just exiting it -- which are the times when they ought to flare.  Of
    >course you have to have recent elements for the operational geosats.
    >Ed Cannon - Austin, Texas, USA
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