Re: Need help identifying a flashing satellite

From: C. Bassa (
Date: Mon Aug 19 2013 - 18:30:07 UTC

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    Hi Christoffer,
    Thank you for clearing up the issue with summer time.
    Russell Eberst contact me offline and suggested that you may have seen
    the two halves of the payload fairing of the IGS 8 launch. These are
    objects 39065/13002E and 39066/13002F. Both seem to match your
    observation as they follow the same path on the sky separated by about
    2 minutes (39065 leading 39066). These objects are known to flash and
    flare so I agree with Russell that one of these objects is a perfect
    match for your observation.
    These fairing halves belong to the rocket that launched IGS 8A and B.
    These are Japanese spy satellites. As such, the orbital elements of
    objects belonging to this launch are not published by SpaceTrack.
    Instead the observers here on SeeSat keep track of them. To run
    predictions for them you will have to download the classified elements
    by Mike McCants from
    Kind regards,
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