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From: Ciprian Sufitchi (
Date: Fri Aug 31 2012 - 08:21:07 UTC

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    Hi Jay,
    I don't think Space-Track complained specifically about anything. In the
    message sent to me on 8/24 they said:
    "The development team is redesigning the website to improve
    its data sharing methods.  We intend to stop producing bulk files (.zip and
    .txt) and want customers to use our RESTful Application Programming
    Interface (API) to download only the new data since your last visit.
    Although this API will enhance data sharing, those who download bulk files
    from will need to change
    their retrieval methodology to keep receiving data."
    Looks to me that the do not want to generate files, but they rather give us
    access to the catalog database via a new API, which is great. We could now
    have faster access to the newest TLEs and historical data. If they would
    allow us to use a simple REST command to retrieve all and newest TLEs for
    all satellites, that would be perfect. If that request is CPU intensive they
    could enforce this transaction to be executed once every 6 hours or more,
    per user. Or leave the API the way it is now, but keep generating the TLE
    bulk file once every 6 hours or so.
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    > Simone,
    > Currently users are downloading once every few hours the TLE
    > zipped file to cache the elements for predictions.
    > Chip
    Isn't that exactly what Space-Track is complaining about?
    Jay Respler
                  Freehold, New Jersey
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