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From: Young, Brad (
Date: Thu Aug 30 2012 - 12:18:04 UTC

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    FPAS from last few days. I will send some suggestions to Simone about flashing geosats; if anyone else has ideas, please do so also. Looks like only modifications needed are to add the text I put in the notes to the generator, e.g. # of flashes, how magnitude changed (if it did). Would also be nice to add a period determination calculation (total time/(# of flashes-1)).
    I guess I just sent Simone my comments! UNIDs from last night were not noteworthy. With Isaac coming, may be clouded up for weekend.
    FPAS12,24714,R8336A,20120828,024609,0.5s,-,36.1,-95.9,201,FAUF,Gkk,1892s,1s,-1,inv,I1SkNNN,R,21.1,-9,4,-,-,-,11 Flashes at mag -1 down to +3 position @2:20:55 UT;
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