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From: Marco Langbroek (
Date: Thu Aug 30 2012 - 10:31:09 UTC

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    Op 30-8-2012 8:57, Max White schreef:
    > With all the comment about the new API system, how much is people feeding back into ST? It is OK to moan on this list but unless they get a barrage of noise that it is just not working and they have to reconsider their action of ditching the zip files, we will be stuck with what is on offer - which leaves serious gaps in the system.
    > Ted, have you also invited their beta programmers to come onto this list to see the comments being made?
    > 73 Max
    I agree. Commenters on this list should also send their comments directly to the 
    space-track beta development team at
    I did. I know some others did. We all should do.
    In your comments to them  you should briefly mention how you make use of for 
    example the bulk zip files, showing them there is a genuine need for these and 
    that they serve a genuine purpose. Also point out that we amateurs form a 
    substantial user base of space-track apart from the DoD and space industry 
    people using it.
    It is pertinent too to point out that the concerns of too frequent downloads by 
    abusers of the system can be solved by other means, e.g. by restricting the 
    number of times a day a subscriber can download these bulk files, such as was 
    the case with the former NASA-OIG system (space-track's predecessor).
    - Marco
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