Re: Space Track API - Problems

From: Peter Wakelin (
Date: Mon Aug 27 2012 - 20:07:33 UTC

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    My bulk.txt contained 12,176 TLEs.  I downloaded the the big .gz tle 
    file (two-line format) the old way and found it contained 14,931 TLEs. 
    I replaced bulk.txt with this file (renamed), waited an hour or so and 
    ran your program. It updated 842 TLEs and the total count is now 14,932.
    So I now appear to have the full catalog which can easily be kept up to 
    Obviously this is only a temporary solution while the big .gz files are 
    available but, hopefully, a way will be found to get the latest tle on 
    all objects easily.
    A late thought:  If I had used the 3-line format file for bulk.txt would 
    your program update the TLEs and retain the object names?  I'll leave 
    that for someone else to try.
    On 27-Aug-12 14:17, wrote:
    > If you compare the bulk.txt file after the first download, more
    > than 3000 Objects are missing!!!! (Most of them are DEB)
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