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From: Derek C Breit (
Date: Mon Aug 27 2012 - 19:08:58 UTC

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    I have posted the following videos..
    Lacrosse 5.. From Aug 25th UT.. 
    Not worth viewing unless you wish to extract better positions or brightness
    data than I acquired. This is the only reason it's posted and it'll be
    removed next time I post any videos.. Evidence shows bad transparency on a
    bad pass..
    USA 129.. From Aug 25th and 26th..
    "Glint and Flare" is pretty good. Better positions and brightness might be
    had if someone wishes.. Maximizing works.. sort of..
    USA 81.. 
    "versus what??" Someone tell me what the WHAT is.. Rough Measurement of the
    streak shows motion of ~ 0.43 degrees per EIA video frame.. 0.033s
    "part 1" and "part 2" are for anyone to measure flash periods if desired..
    In summary, you can measure from any of the videos, but there are three
    posted primarily just for viewing..
    USA 129 Glint and Flare
    USA 81 flash show part 2
    USA versus what
    These videos are posted on my Gallery page, bottom of both the left and
    right columns.. .
    Derek C Breit
    BREIT IDEAS Obs - Morgan Hill, CA - COSPAR 8739
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