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Date: Mon Aug 27 2012 - 18:37:30 UTC

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    That's exactly what I am going to try first, as I just did search the
    folders to find where the User Sats are stored..
    Yep, it SHOULD be there somewhere..
    Or maybe I'll just go to Spacetrack and try what would be my normal login
    and password and see if it works.. 
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    Morning Tony/Derek
    I dont use the internet download facility in HEAVENSAT so it took me a while
    find where you implement it, so Derek has probably forgotten what he did...
    In "Satellites" menu at top of screen go to the last option "Satellite
    ( Ctrl +B)
    The list of satellites loaded into Heavensat will come up - if any loaded 
    Go to the OPERATIONS block at bottom left, click on it and you can select
    from Internet".
    There are various options - eg various sites where you can download from -
    It will ask you your name and password, so somewhere in HEAVENSAT this data
    stored - shouldnt be too difficult to find as most of the files stored in
    various sub-directories in HEAVENSAT can be read with an ascii text reader.
    Hope this helps Derek find himself again :-))
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